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Find the right size pot

Very often some amateurs buy pots without knowing certain criteria. They make a choice that they like but ignoring the basic criteria to enhance their bonsai. You will find that I am repeating myself but this question is still as relevant…

Will this pot show off my bonsai?

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Octobre 2022

Pot shapes – part 2

To maintain harmony in the presentation of a bonsai, it is very important to choose the right pot for your bonsai.

What do the styles “Shin, Gyō, Sōh” represent?

Shin, Gyō, Soh

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Octobre 2022

Pot shapes – part 1

In the bonsai pot market it has a multitude of pot shapes, but they only derive from two basic shapes.

The circle and the square!!!

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Octobre 2022

How do I know if my bonsai is feminine or masculine style?

One of the criteria used in the art of bonsai is the notion of “feminine” and “masculine”. This notion is quite ambiguous, because some people attribute this notion to tree species while others associate it with the image that bonsai projects.

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February 2022

The importance of the pot in the representation of a bonsai

Many people are unaware of the importance of the pot for their bonsai.
Very often, they choose a pot that they find beautiful, but without necessarily asking the main question…

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January 2022

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